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Class D personnel are expendable personnel used to handle extremely hazardous anomalies and are not allowed to come into contact with Class A or Class B personnel. Class D personnel are typically drawn worldwide from the ranks of prison inmates convicted of violent crimes, especially those on death row.

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Class-D (also known as CD or Disposable Class) is a Default Team. They are death-row prisoners recruited from jails around the globe and used as test subjects for SCP testing by the SCP Foundation. This normally entails forcing Class-D to communicate and/or interact with different SCPs in order to study their effects. Class-D spawn in Sector 2 at the Class-D Cells (CDC) area.

The main objective of a Class-D is to escape the CDC and become a Chaos Insurgent, or to participate in the interviews, tests, and checkups carried out by the Administrative, Scientific, or Medical Departments.

The Class-D team has an advancement scheme that advances based on the amount of XP needed on that position.

The rate of progression as follows are:

Promotion Level XP Required
Class-D 0
Dedicated Class-D 360
Adept Class-D 720
Advanced Class-D 1260
Veteran Class-D 1600


Class-D personnel spawn wearing an orange and white jumpsuit with "Class-D" written on the front (red and white jumpsuit for Upgraded Class-D). They wear the player's Roblox avatar's hair and face, as well as the skin tone of their avatar, accessories on the back(if any), and they don't have any extras (bundles can also be equipped if you are playing as Class D).


Class-D characters spawn with a keycards that corresponds to their level of access in the game (Level 1-4, since CD cannot be O5). They aren't equipped with weapons by default, but buying the VIP Game pass unlocks the upgraded version of the Class-D, which comes with a UMP-45 permanently. Their jumpsuit will also be dark red rather than orange, and they will wear a crown on the top left of their jumpsuit. When an Upgraded Class-D draws a pistol, the term "Rogue" is appended to their level. Arms and other objects will, however, be purchased by all Class-D members from NPC Shops. Class-D(s) can also obtain a Scar-H if they escape to the Chaos Insurgency spawn area, generally through the vent opening near SCP-1025's containment chamber or by breaking the vent in the Transformer Room.

  • Class-D has the most Neutral alliance due to their neutral behavior and role within the SCP universe.
  • There is a chance that your avatar can have the same package as normal, instead of the default one.
  • Class-D will be friendly to all teams as long as they do not hold out a weapon or cross the Class-D Cells red line.
  • If you are an O5 Council user, and use the Private Server Command “:team [insert O5 player username] Class-D” and reset/do the Private Server Command “:res”, you will have the O5 title (below your username) “Player”.
  • Normally, Class-D personnel origin is the death row prisoners, but sometimes, one of the few of them are immigrants, political refugees
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