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O5 Council is one of the 9 current gamepasses in SCP: Roleplay. They are members of the group who lead the Foundation. They control and oversee all of its operations. O5 Council members are given a numerical designation from one to eight. If a player select to be an O5 on the Chaos Insurgency, the designation will be The Engineer. There is no limit to how many O5s can be in a certain team/designation. The only way to join the O5 Council is via the O5 Council gamepass, which currently costs 2,500 Robux. O5 Council members are currently gain double Team XP on the team they are an O5 on, as well as the ability to make announcements using the ":announce" command and meetings using the :meeting command. To play as an O5 Council member, they player needs to click a regular team and check off the box that says "I want to be O5". Doing so will spawn the player in as that team with the O5 Council numerical designation and the O5 Council equipment. O5s spawn in the O5 Council Room with the exception of The Engineer, which will spawn in the Chaos Insurgency spawn. The Class-D team does not have an option to play as an O5 or O5 variant. O5 Council members will have their text line slightly highlighted in white in the radio. O5 Council also have the ability to select an anomalous perk. The designations of the O5 Council or O5 variants are listed below.


Internal Security Department O5-1
Intelligence Agency O5-2
Mobile Task Force O5-3
Security Department O5-4
Rapid Response Team O5-5
Scientific Department O5-6
Administrative Department O5-7
Medical Department O5-8
Chaos Insurgency The Engineer


An O5 Council member has the exact same appearance as the team that they spawned in as, including the upgrade accessories. They will look the exact same as the team they spawned in except for having their team's rank, they will have a numerical designation (O5-[NUMBER]). The team you play as for O5 Council gives you a specific numerical designation from one to eight. They are also allowed to select a suit bearing the logo of the SCP Foundation on the shoulder.


O5 Council Members spawn in with a O5 Keycard which can open any door. They carry a Minigun with a 250 round magazine and a total of 5,000 reserve ammo with the loadout of the team they spawned as. O5 Council personnel will have a standard radio to communicate with Foundation staff or Chaos Insurgency, depending on their team. O5 Council members can purchase weapons from NPC shops near the CDC.